Notes of the month, May edition

Starting off with Labor day, here is another collection of interesting findings around finance, coding and traveling. This edition comes with complementary historic credit rating infos (made available thanks to SEC).

Credit rating information for research
Credit rating information are surprisingly difficult to obtain freely for research purposes - fortunately the SEC requires publication with a 12-month delay, as described in the following Oxford Law blog post:

Long story short: All the relevant historic rating information of Moody's, S&P, Fitch and other credit agencies are available in an easily digestible CSV format here:

Nature sci-fi short story collections
Nature magazine usually publishes a sci-fi short story on their last page. Given its prominence (and the target group of the magazine) most of them are of a rather high quality - and (unlike the other papers published there) available for free:
Two collections have also been published as books - I can definitely recommend them:

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